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WV Internet Services is dedicated to providing reliable, always available dialup Internet access to our customers throughout the state of West Virginia and beyond. We our committed to providing a quality service at an affordable price, and backing it up with superb technical support.

WV Internet Services has installed all-new hardware throughout West Virginia with 56K access available in all locations. With local access in throughout WV, WV Internet Services is truly West Virginia's ISP.

WV Internet Services' network and reach has expanded even further with partnerships with other companies. This means an even faster, more stable network. We also are able to offer a single dial-up access number to connect from anywhere in the state.

Whether you're researching a term paper for school, doing some last-minute Christmas shopping, emailing your family across the country or just chatting with a friend, WV Internet Services is the most affordable and dependable service around.


All WV Internet Services access services are unlimited – we place no restrictions on the amount of time you can spend on the Internet, or when you can be online. And there's no fighting your way through a jungle of ads or services you don’t need. When you dial into WV Internet Services, you’re on the World Wide Web – right away!

Getting online with WV Internet Services has never been easier – we supply you with all the software you need on a convenient, self-loading CD. Whether you're new to the Internet or looking for a better or more economical ISP, WV Internet Services is the right choice.

WV Internet Services
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